Ferland Sensei leading classA dojo can be measured by the quality and experience of its instructors.

The balance of consistency and variety is often difficult to strike. However, Austin Ki Aikido strives always to provide the level and quality of instruction that new and experienced Aikidoists require.

In keeping with the cooperative nature of the dojo, all instructors are volunteers.

Michael Farris, Head Instructor, Yondan, with Chuden Ki rank

Farris Sensei is the head instructor for Austin Ki Aikido. He stumbled upon Aikido in 1966 and was introduced to it during an six-week class at the University of Texas in 1976. He began his current practice with Austin Ki Aikido in 1986.

Kathey Ferland, Head Instructor Emeritus, Yondan (4th Dan), with Chuden Ki rank

Kathey Ferland is the former head instructor of Austin Ki Aikido Center, who retired from that position in 2010. Practicing since 1979, she offers an acute knowledge of Ki and Aikido principles.

Eloise Gadus, Sandan, with Shoden Ki rank

Eloise began her Aikido journey in 1991 at Austin Ki Aikido Center. In college she had trained in Western Fencing and competed in that sport on an intramural level. As such, the use of weapons in Aikido as training tools continues to feed a long-standing interest.

Jason Rosenblum, Nidan, with Jokyu Ki rank

Jason has been practicing Ki Aikido since 1998 and has been teaching at AKAC since 2002. Jason has started a blog called Adaptable Arts to explore his Aikido practice and its relationship with other creative pursuits.

Instructor Janet Swisher

Janet Swisher, Nidan, with Jokyu Ki rank

Janet began practicing at Austin Ki Aikido in 1995, in part because she lived three blocks away. Through that serendipity, she discovered that Ki Aikido meshes closely with her values. She has continued practicing through various life transitions because she finds that Aikido nourishes her on multiple levels. She enjoys that she’s still discovering Aikido, and tries to share that with other students.