Why Aikido?

Aikido Overview

Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Master Morihei Ueshiba (1893-1969). Master Ueshiba spent many years mastering the Japanese martial arts of sword, spear, staff and jujitsu. He united his knowledge of the martial arts with his insights into the harmony of nature. The result was Aikido, “the way of harmony with nature.”

dojo members rolling

As a martial art, Aikido aims to redirect an attacker’s energy instead of inflicting harm. This is accomplished by entering and blending with the attacker’s force, and then leading that force (or energy) into a circular or flowing motion. As a result, the aggressor is thrown to the ground or held in a neutralizing joint lock. When used properly, Aikido is a peaceful yet effective self-defense form.

Aikido is more than a physical art. Its unique blend of physical and mental training emphasizes centering, grounding, blending with conflict, relaxation, timing, intuition, and energy flow. The focus of our style is Ki development.

At Austin Ki Aikido, we practice Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido, which means “Aikido with mind and body unified.” We are affiliated with Midland Ki Federation and Ki Society HQ.

lauren throws in a randori

Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido

Why AKA?

  • We’re economically priced.
  • We’re a non-profit organization.
  • We offer small classes and individualized attention.
  • Our volunteer teachers have from 9 to 29 years of experience and teach because they love the art.
  • You can be a part of an Aikido community.
  • You start wherever you are and progress from there.
  • It’s a friendly atmosphere and a great place to train.

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