Why Practice?

You can do Aikido:

  • regardless of age (youth 14+ are invited to attend the regular adult classes)
  • whether you’re male or female
  • regardless of experience (no martial arts, dancing, or movement background is required)
  • even if you’re not athletic (you’ll need to discuss any physical limitations with the instructor)

ki breathing training

What is Ki Training?

Ki development is an integral part of Ki Aikido training. Ki is a Japanese word that can be translated as “energy” or “life force”. Ki is present in all living things. The word Ki is also used in Japanese to describe the energy of nature: the energy found in rushing water, wind or rain.

The purpose of Ki development is to invigorate the Ki that is naturally ours. Ki development is fostered through meditation, breathing, specially designed movements and exercises, and a healing art called Kiatsu.

The increased well being, physical balance, emotional calmness, and mental alertness that results from this training apply to all types of activities in our daily lives, not just to doing an Aikido technique. For example, remaining calm during a tense business meeting allows you to remember what you hope to achieve together and to develop a strategy to lead your associates toward a compromise.

The style we practice is Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido. Today, there are many different schools of Aikido, but they all stem from the art of Aikido developed by Morihei Ueshiba Sensei in the 1940s.

Is Aikido right for you?

Ki Aikido practice benefits men and women of almost any age, regardless of experience in the martial arts.

Jason helps student with technique

Ki Aikido is great exercise. In the beginning you learn how to roll and fall, which uses many muscles not commonly used, even if you engage in other exercise programs. You will also find the variety of techniques keeps exercise interesting, no matter how long you have been practicing. Aikido movements also help with flexibility and relaxation.

You will find the classes at Austin Ki Aikido are small enough that you can receive individual attention. All of the teachers at Austin Ki Aikido teach because they love the art of Aikido. Aikido Ki Aikido is a non-profit group that is run by the members.

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